20 November 2019, Wednesday



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Opening keynote: Once upon a brand

Although Karl Benz started making cars in 1886, the brand Mercedes-Benz, in its current form, first appeared in 1926. With its legendary performance and quality, it has become one of the most recognisable brands in the world. Let’s uncover the secrets behind its success.

  • The key components of brand building .
  • How a strong brand is built over time and stays competitive.
  • The internal set up for brand building.

Peter Larko, Director of Marketing and PR, Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong



Case study: How HK Express achieved No.1 top brand improver

HK Express has recently achieved No.1 top brand improver in the YouGov BrandIndex 2019, out of 340 brands in Hong Kong. As a young brand, how did it stand out from a crowd of competitors in the era of personalisation and the digital economy? In this session, Eric Thain takes us back to the foundations of branding.

  • What makes a brand powerful?
  • The journey of how HK Express achieved the number one spot today.
  • The tactics of building love for the brand through customer centricity.

Eric Thain, General Manager of Brand Management, HK Express



Networking break



Panel discussion: Customers are phygital, brands should be too

The physical space is the new playground for digital. Whether you’re a bricks-and-mortar retailer, or a pure-play eCommerce brand, we’re living in the digital era where disruption is inevitable. To stay relevant, brands need to evolve and integrate across channels.

  • Why do brands need to be phygital?
  • How to integrate technology and digital content into the physical stores?
  • How to create a seamless phygital customer experience?

Renee Sin, Senior Brand Commercialisation Director (Asia Pacific and Europe), ALDO Group International
Dennis Fung, Vice President – Information Technology, Li & Fung
Pete O’Mara-Kane, General Manager APAC, LoopMe
Adrian Lee, Head of Digital, Client Solutions, Wavemaker

Moderated by: Celine Sciortino-Weltmann, Head of Global Marketing Strategy, Infiniti Motor Company 



Presentation: Is your brand crisis-ready?

In today’s digitally connected world, there is no time to waste when a crisis strikes. Is your brand well equipped to handle a communication crisis and protect its brand image?

  • Preventing for the inevitable, in a volatile, digital world.
  • Framework and step-by-step guide to crisis communications readiness.
  • Case studies in protecting a brand during a volatile situation.

Genevieve Hilton, Head of Communications Asia Pacific, Lenovo



The Lalamove story: How start-ups can build an eye-catching brand from scratch

We are living in a world overwhelmed with ideas. Somewhere, right now, an entrepreneur is carrying an idea that could change the world. Learn from Blake Larson how Lalamove expanded in over 100 cities across Asia within a couple of years. He’ll discuss how companies can:

  • Find and build brand identity.
  • Build trust with your customers.
  • Tips for building brand awareness for startups.

Blake Larson, Managing Director, International of Lalamove



Networking lunch



Game on: Boost your brand with gamification

Gamification in marketing has continued to thrive for one reason it works. Honestly, who doesn’t want to win? The rise of advanced technologies and tech-driven experiences is creating common ground between the marketing world and the video gaming world. Let’s start the game!

  • What are the benefits of gamification?
  • How to apply gamification in branding?
  • The rise of esports and what it means for brands.

Kevin Huang, Head of Birdie, Birdie
Nixon Cheung, Head of Commercial and Brand, Hong Kong Tramways
Winnie Wong, Director of Marketing and Business Development, APAC, KKBOX International

Moderated by: Rick Boost, Hong Kong Regional Editor, Marketing Magazine



Klook’s branding guide: Globalisation versus localisation

Back in 2014, Klook was launched in Hong Kong with only a few destinations. Today, it presents in more than 350 destinations and over 20 offices worldwide. In this segment, Percy Kwan will talk about Klook’s branding journey on how it expanded across the globe while localising into the regional markets.

  • How to cater to tech-savvy customers.
  • Building brand awareness through O2O campaigns.
  • Expanding your brand through strategic partnerships.

Percy Kwan, Marketing Director, Hong Kong, Klook



Closing keynote: Creating social value through positive brand initiative

    Lui Tong, Director, Direct to Consumer, Swire Coca-Cola HK



    Conference wrap up and networking