Content 360 Week is designed for content creators, senior management, marketers and communications leaders, from across Asia.

MARKETING’s Content 360 Week returned for its seventh year on 8 to 11 June 2020, to discuss major challenges and to gain insights on future content marketing trends. Invited speakers, panelists and celebrity influencers shared their successful strategies that have been implemented.  The live Q&A sessions towards the end of every session, enables marketers to get professional opinion from thought leaders to help them get ahead of their challenges.

Every year, our Producers conduct research and engage with the movers and shakers within the marketing community who have proven their mettle. Our vision is to provide you with unique insights into proven methods and strategies that can help marketers drive results for their business, all within the Content 360 platform. We also want to be able to bring you the best marketing tech and solutions to empower your digital transformation journey,


Customers are smart. And customers can afford to be picky.

Let’s face it – Customers no longer want to engage with brands that just push out sales messages or hard sell their products and services.

While marketers are faced with innumerous deadlines to plan and push out campaigns and the constant expectation to ‘produce results’ or ‘drive performance’ while using data and insights to ‘report in on KPIs’ and plan their next wave of ‘Go-to-market’ strategy – both company CEOs and marketers realise there is a need to balance brand push versus brand pull efforts. Brands need to build trust and credibility. And in order to do so – it is critical that marketers arm themselves with the expert knowledge, tools and inspiration on how to use content marketing to win over their customers. Afterall, a positive top of mind recall on your brand, product or service coupled with a seamless shopping experience might just win you the sale versus your competitor.

Through Content 360, you get the opportunity to discover actionable insights, strategies and solutions that you can apply to your own organisation. Part of your learning, includes how brands approach omni-channel platforms to create effective, customised and timely content successfully.

What we encourage all Content 360 participants is to use your new-found knowledge and inspiration to apply to your business to drive performance.

Join us at Content 360 Week to be inspired, provoke discussion and broaden your knowledge on the next phase of content marketing.


Gary Vaynerchuk of Vayner X and Vayner Media headlined our opening session “Ask GaryVee”. In 2019, Nuseir Yassin of NasDaily took to the stage in a fireside chat with our very own Regional Editor of Marketing Interactive, Rezwana Manjur.

If the likes of Gary and Nusseir have agreed to take part of Content 360; there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be a part of the great Content Marketing movement.

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The year 2020 marked the very first time Content 360 went 100% virtual. This was due to the need for social distancing and safe measures put in place across Asia to break the transmission of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Honestly, we weren’t sure if all speakers, delegates and sponsors were supportive for us to transform our flagship conference and workshops into a 100% virtual format. Based on the feedback and kudos received from all of you who were a part of our 2020 virtual conference – we’re glad we took it online! It was sweet!


We’ve heard feedback from 2019’s delegates and took action for 2020. Many wanted to have a more hands-on learning approach, albeit done online in 2020. Delegates expressed that they will learn better in a smaller group where they feel more at ease to ask questions and get more attention to issues they face at work.

So what did we do? We scoured for the best trainers who could meet the different needs of marketers to support the junior to senior practitioners. Our Producers researched and asked marketers what topics they would like to upskill on and worked tirelessly with trainers to develop materials for beginners, intermediate and advanced marketing practitioners.


We understand that sometimes during a conference or at a workshop (be it online or in-person) – you might miss segments or cannot attend a whole day or two due to urgent matters that suddenly crop up at work, requiring you to drop everything and attend to those matters.

Because we care and want you to have the best learning outcome; we will develop and make available, a VOD platform to enable all our delegates to catch up on missed sessions or content, in order to draw upon the depth and breadth of success stories and know-how to apply for your work and drive the business performance you need.

More information will be communicated to our 2020 delegates soon!


Like you, we feel stress from the changes in our work, family and social life because of the social distancing and safety measures. Many of us are experiencing what it’s like working from home for the first time! And not to mention – many parents had it tough trying to care for their high-energy and ‘always hungry’ kids in between their conference calls and online meetings.

Just to lighten the mood and provide some entertainment in 2020’s virtual conference – we got onboard the gregarious Nikki Muller to host the entire 3-day conference to liven things up.

What’s more – we weaved in a chair yoga session by celebrity yoga-instructor and famous media personality Denise Keller to help you stretch out those tight muscles and focus on breathing and your wellness.

On the third day of the conference, we invited famous Chef Andrew Walsh of Cure to give us cooking tips and how to create delicious and wholesome foods for our loved ones.

While our core intent is to deliver content marketing thought leadership, inspiration and know-how to you – we understand we need balance  and to give ourselves a little self-love.

For 2021 and beyond, our team is dedicated to improve on all our sessions and continue to provide delegates with the best experience at Content 360. So if you’re reading this and have a suggestion or proposal to help make ‘break time’ more meaningful – please reach out to PrassanaP@marketing-interactive.com