About DMA

Since 2013, Digital Marketing Asia has been pivotal in uniting the digital marketing industry, from the most senior leaders to innovative thinkers, to celebrate, share and drive marketing innovation.

This year, we will focus on how brands can tackle digital marketing challenges brought by COVID-19 through data and technology that can bring the global economy out from recession. We will cover the most pressing discussion points for the digital marketing industry alongside championing the resilience and collaboration with data and technology being shown during these unprecedented times.

By attending Digital Marketing Asia, you will be joining a community of trailblazers, thought leaders and industry experts pushing the bounds of marketing and technology. This event is where you can access research-backed sessions, get expert advice on specific challenges and interact with peers — all in one place.

We’ll take you on a three weeks journey of in-depth learning into the realm of digital enablement. Explore ways in which you could unlock success in digital transformation, convert numbers into insights and translate insights into various digital platforms and channels. At the end of Digital Marketing Asia 2020, you will walk away with a robust understanding of the digital age of marketing.