DMA 2022 Leaders Exchange

Bringing together the decision makers in your city.

Connect with decision makers and top innovators to engage in thought-provoking strategy discussions to drive marketing excellence in the different regional markets – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.


18th October 2022


20th October 2022


27th October 2022


18th November 2022


24th November 2022

Be part of the conversation that will transform your marketing game plan.

2023 is fast approaching, and soon you have to make executive discussions on what is your marketing plan. Do you have your issues all ironed out? Are there still gaps in your marketing that you need to address?

The past few years have been a tumultuous time for businesses, but also a time where the convergence of innovation and the right talent pushed the marketing boundaries, and set new and higher benchmarks within the industry. As disruptions become a part of the new normal, marketers are facing daunting challenges to elevate consumer experiences and drive digital transformation.

DMA 2022 Leaders Exchange brings together the industry’s top innovators to engage in thought-provoking strategy discussions, share best practices on attracting, retaining and building digital talent and gain leadership techniques for driving marketing excellence.


Your conversations are landing on the laps of key decision makers from the region.


The intimate setting allows for meaningful discussions and expanding partnership networks.


Engage in high-level discussion to grow your marketing strategy and meet business targets.