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Need More Reasons to Attend?

As a business owner, a marketer, a communicator, or a head of digital, we all face these challenges when it comes to digital marketing:


Data Science and Analytics overdose

Data has no doubt become crucial, but most importantly, hard to escape from. The wealth of information available has become a challenge for brands, leading to severe under-utilisation. Marketers are still grappling as they try to effectively collate, evaluate and implement strategies based on the insights they’ve gained.


Lack of Digital Transformation

With the exponential adoption of technology in marketing, marketers are obliged to keep up with technology and its usage, optimising every channel to ensure that digital campaigns are generating leads and traffic necessary to be converted into sales. The lack of digital skills proficiency in both marketing and technology poses a huge challenge for the digital marketing landscape.


Meeting Customer Expectations

Customers are more circumspect of brand premiums and promises, relying instead on aspects such as brand value, convenience, reviews and feedback. Brands must relook at all touchpoints in their customer’s journey to successfully establish an emotional connection and lock down their loyalty for the long-term.


Recovery Marketing

The recent crisis has caused severe disruptions to the global economy, impacting businesses across sectors. Even though crisis management is crucial for brands to survive, it is also important to plan for the road to recovery post-crisis.


Mobile & E-commerce Marketing

The evolving customer buying behaviour is driving fundamental shifts in the way businesses must transform their operations and approaches in their marketing execution. Brands must digitalise and be flexible to take advantage of the surge in demand for online purchasing channels.

If these challenges resonate with your brand, take the lead over other organisations and overcome these challenges at Digital Marketing Asia.