PR Asia is the de facto industry standard of what PR and Communications professionals need to know, learn and be equipped with, in order to lead in today’s ever-evolving environment. Organised by MARKETING-INTERACTIVEsince 2013 and held annually, PR Asia has been a huge success owing to the high participation by PR Agencies, PR Consultants and in-house PR & Communications professionals.

Why participate in PR Asia?  In 2021, fuelled by the feedback received and research undertaken by our team, PR Asia will cover 3 critical success areas promulgated by today’s most vibrant PR and communications community in APAC.   We’ve heard enough of what (and what not to) post-pandemic.   What the industry needs is a refresh and recharge to lead the way in bringing back the positive spin and vibes pre-pandemic through authenticity, power of influence, and community empowerment!

Get two steps ahead by joining PR Asia 2021!