8 December (Tuesday)


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Welcome and opening remarks

Rezwana Manjur, Regional Editor, MARKETING-INTERACTIVE

Theme: Public Relations in a Pandemic


Opening Keynote: Global forces shaping the role of public relations

  • Addressing political tensions, employee activism, and PR’s role in the evolving social fabric
  • Preparing the senior leadership team to tackle an uncertain tomorrow
  • The many hats PR professionals have to wear today communicating with the board, legal, HR, and government affairs


Panel Discussion: 2020 was the coming of age for PR. But was it enough to safeguard the role in a recession?

  • Is a recession an ideal time to question if PR is an essential service?
  • Skills you will need in the ‘new normal’ to prove your worth well into tomorrow
  • Showing value in PR: Business impact beyond the headlines and continuity in a crisis
Expedia-Lavinia Rajaram speaking at PR AsiaPanelist:
Lavinia Rajaram, Regional Head of Communications, Expedia Group, APAC

Bukalapak-Sufintri Rahayu speaking at PR AsiaPanelist:
Sufintri Rahayu,
VP of Corporate Affairs, Bukalapak, Indonesia

Red Bull-Nichapat Na ThalangPanelist:
Nichapat Na Thalang, Corporate Affairs and Communication Associate Director, Red Bull, International Market

Pan Pacific-Kit Pui speaking at PR AsiaPanelist:
Lee Kit Pui, VP Brand Marketing & Communications, Pan Pacific Hotels Group, Singapore


Screen Break 

Theme: Internal Communication and Culture


Panel Discussion: How an external crisis’ catapulted internal communications’ into the front seat

  • Getting external communications to gel with internal communications during a crisis
  • Maintaining a semblance of workplace culture as remote working becomes the norm
  • The virtuous relationship between HR and comms in addressing issues such as employee well-being and mental-health

Panchanit Snape, Head of Communications, Sanofi, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar and Brunei

Kerry_Laura de Kreij speaking at PR AsiaPanelist:
Laura de Kreij, 
Internal Communications Director, Kerry, APMEA

Cisco_Prerna SuriPanelist:
Prerna Suri,
Head of Communications, Cisco, SEA


Coles_Alistair MarshallPanelist:
Alistair Marshall,
Head of Communications, Coles, Australia



Case Study: Managing the new generation of vocal, highly-polarised, engaged employees

  • What happens when your brand values are in conflict with your employee’s beliefs?
  • Best practices to connect with the Gen-Z employees entering your company
  • Implementing ethical, transparent company guidelines that will drive advocacy with younger employees


Screen Break 


Case Study: Stakeholder management: Influence, galvanise and maintain crucial partnerships for your business

  • Coping with the systemic shift in PR from communications to stakeholder management and, partnerships to government relations
  • PR’s hand in reworking the business model to keep the engine running amidst rapid changes in governmental guidelines
  • Why PR is best placed to spearhead the building of unconventional relationships to maximise commercial gain
Jonathan Sanchez,
Director of Corporate Relations, Diageo, Singapore

Theme: The Future of PR


From war room to news room: Sharpening your storytelling skills in a crisis

  • Turning crisis into an opportunity by identifying themes that can showcase your storytelling
  • Balancing your brand messaging during a period of sensitivity, clutter and news
  • Taking the downtime in your stride to plan for recovery
Nissan_Travis ParmanSpeaker:
Travis Parman,
VP Communications, International Communications and Global Engagement, Nissan, US



Closing remarks

Rezwana Manjur, Regional Editor, MARKETING-INTERACTIVE


End of conference Day 1