10 December (Thursday)


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Welcome and opening remarks

Rezwana Manjur, Regional Editor, MARKETING-INTERACTIVE

Theme: Purpose in a Pandemic


Opening Keynote: Brand activism is great, but is your house in order?

  • Ensuring your corporate policies are in order before taking on social causes and jumping on the activism wagon
  • Addressing the trust deficit consumers have in brands and PR
  • With consumers having a high sense of morality, how have communications moved towards activism?


Case Study: Practice what you PR: CSR will continue to take centre-stage beyond 2020

  • Why having the right CSR plan now is more crucial than ever to complementing your PR strategy
  • Deciding on a guiding principal that is reflected through the CSR programmes
  • An employee’s perspective: Understanding the importance of CSR budgets in a crisis


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Panel Discussion: Diversity in the workforce: Is this really an issue here in Asia?

  • While conversations around diversity and BLM movement is rampant in the US and Europe, we explore why similar conversations are somewhat muted in Asia
  • Will diversity be affected in certain industries as Governments increase their efforts on local employment security?
  • Does the PR and advertising industry suffer from a Peter Pan Syndrome or is enough being done to include the older workforce?

Theme: Communications Going Virtual


Fireside Chat: Politics and PR: Campaigning in the time of social distancing and the power of owned media

  • The power of owned media and not just relying in traditional mainstream media
  • How social distancing impacted political campaigning
  • Taking control of your narrative through owned media

Rezwana Manjur,

SW-Jose RaymondPanelist:
Jose Raymond,
Chairman, Singapore People’s Party



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Case Study: Beyond dissemination: Taking your social media strategy to the next level

  • Leveraging on social media in a crisis: practical do’s and don’ts
  • Optimising social media channels for public relations with the right digital tools
  • Embracing trends and change: keeping your organisation in the know
Tinder_Papri DevPanelist:
Papri Dev,
Senior Director, Communications, Tinder, APAC


Theme: Cancel Culture


Panel Discussion: Don’t get cancelled: Boycotts, influencers and recovery

  • Strategies to put in place to ensure your brand doesn’t get cancelled as consumers become hypersensitive
  • KOL Health check: Should you stand with distance yourself from a fallen influencer?
  • Uphold the boycott: Why sticking to your guns could just have a positive impact on your brand


Open Grill: Uncomfortable conversations

We speak to 2 influencers on their mental health, rebound strategy and client relationships post controversy. In this 20-minute session we instigate them on what led to them to their controversial actions and lessons they’ve learnt.



Session 1: Xiaxue, Social Media Influencer, @xiaxue

This year, ahead of the General Election in Singapore, Xiaxue, was thrusted into the spotlight for comments she made as early as 2010 about migrant workers and transgendered individuals. Netizens reached out to brands that worked with Xiaxue asking them to “reconsider” future partnerships with her and hold her accountable. Months after the incident, we check back with Cheng on her experience being “cancelled”, being distanced from clients, regaining back her image and reputation.

preetipls_Preeti Nair

Session 2: Preeti Nair, Comedian & Social Media Influencer, @preetipls

In 2019, the Singapore Police Force stepped in to investigate a race-related online video created by local YouTube star Preeti Nair (better known as Preetipls) and her brother musician Subhas Nair. The video created was in response to a “brownface” ad making rounds in Singapore. The two were given conditional warning over content which was deemed in clear contravention of the Singapore Penal Code. Over a year later, we speak to Preeti on how she had to balance between keeping her edge, authenticity and yet remain careful on the content she now creates. We discuss the challenges she faced post the incident.


Closing remarks

Rezwana Manjur, Regional Editor, MARKETING-INTERACTIVE


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