PRoactive Workshop Series

PRoactive Workshop Series will present quick bite-sized learning with practical knowledge and actionable insights in just 60 minutes! Through this series, you will be taught techniques on the most important trends, tools and best practices to futureproof your PR and Communications skillset to thrive in 2021 and beyond.

11 December (Friday)

10am – 11am

Performance PR: How to use influencers to amplify your brand story

This workshop will allow participants to:

  • Learn how to categorise PR, social and content marketing with influencers differently
  • Discern how to think more openly about who to consider when identifying influencers in the age of “everyone’s a content creator”
  • Discover how to interpret critical measuring methods to demonstrate ROI to influencer marketing campaigns

11.30am – 12.30pm

Digital PR: What every PR Pro needs to know about SEO

This workshop will allow participants to:

  • Identify how SEO relates to communications and how to leverage Google for crisis response
  • Learn how to leverage and boost search rankings for press releases through credible content
  • Discover how to work with SEO teams to align communications efforts for greater success

2.30pm – 3.30pm

The ROI of CSR: Measuring the effectiveness of CSR and purpose-driven programs

This workshop will allow participants to:

  • Construct an accurate and measurable CSR programme that aligns their contributions to corporate goals
  • Learn to set up a customised index to assess the effectiveness of your CSR/outreach programmes into quantifiable measurements of brand success
  • Incorporate and measure the essential elements of corporate social success: authenticity, trust and empathy in CSR campaigns

4pm – 5pm

TikTok Storytelling: How to create purpose-driven visual content that captivates audiences

This workshop will allow participants to:

  • Learn how to integrate TikTok into your video communications strategy
  • Discover how to capitalise and shoot authentic videos that make sense for your brand
  • Learn how to draw audiences, views and revenue with moving video stories