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Be it brand exposure, lead generation or expanding your industry network, we will create the right pathway for you to meet your business objectives and take the next steps to achieving your goals, and give your brand the competitive edge to shine!

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Our 2022 Sponsors

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE would like to give a huge thanks to all our sponsors for making Content 360 2022 possible.

The content marketing space is a fast-paced and hectic industry and professionals in this field are facing constantly facing new challenges. Content 360 is the perfect platform for your brand to meet, interact and build long-lasting and positive relationships with top marketing leaders and decision-makers across the region.
Whether your objective is brand exposure, lead generation or simply just expanding of your industry network, MARKETING-INTERACTIVE is more than happy to work with you to create the optimal pathway for you to meet your business goals. Speak to us today at partnerships@marketin-interactive.com to find out how we can help to bring you closer to your 2023 business goals.

Here’s why you should sponsor Content 360 2023

Position your brand as the authority in the industry by leading dynamic discussion sessions and showing off your thought leadership in relevant aspects of the industry.
Be seen as THE solution provider for the challenges and issues faced by content creators and marketers by showcasing your latest products and services.
Network with over 250 industry professionals and widen your network to create potential future collaborations.

Get featured on our conference website with your exclusive landing page. Use this chance to feature links to content that will amplify your brand and its solutions.
Expand your cross-border leads via interactions with over 250 marketing professionals across different industries and make them your next prospects.