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SAVE THE DATE: 26 –27 April, 2022
See you at Content 360, in-person!

9PM-5PM (GMT+8 / SGT)
Hybrid Event


Content is constantly changing because your consumers are constantly evolving.

That’s right, you heard it first. Back for its 10th year, Content 360 is your one-stop conference on anything and everything content related. We know how much we are all missing physical interactions, so we are excited to have Content 360 as a hybrid conference happening on 26 – 27 April 2022. You don’t want to miss this in-person learning and networking experience that we have been craving for the past two years. If you are unable to join us in-person, we’ve got you covered, as you can tune in from wherever you are.

What awaits you at Content 360 are:

  • Step-by-step framework on creating a roadmap for a robust brand storytelling strategy that amplifies your brand values on all customer touchpoints.
  • Tips and tricks on connecting authentically and meaningfully with your customers to drive engagement and long-term conversions.
  • Best practices on maximising resources to create and deliver content that matters where your customers are at.
  • Tried and tested checklist on selecting and investing the right content tools to ensure your ad tech spend is efficiently optimised, and your content performance are always hitting bull’s eyes.
  • Real-life hacks on mastering the know-hows of maximising customers’ touchpoints to monetise and expand your content reach, while gathering invaluable customer data.
  • And many more!

We are not just accepting this as the “new normal” (what an overly used buzzword!), but we are all about thriving in this new era of untapped opportunities. The marketing world has always been complex, and that is exciting news for you because the sky is truly your limit. In 2022, we are shifting gears and focusing on content that matters – from audio and video content, repurposing content swiftly across channels, to finetuning your storytelling strategy – to scale your content marketing, and reaching your customers at every corner of the (Internet) world.

At Content 360, dive deep into several areas related to content marketing, including:

Brand Storytelling

Brands are becoming increasingly humanised, and they are no longer just faceless entities. Being able to connect with their customers and tugging at their heartstrings will strengthen customer relationships in the long run. A robust brand storytelling strategy where brands are able to successfully and seamlessly weave together product offering and emotions to craft an engaging storyline that resonates and inspires their audience is critical to have.

Creative content ideation

It is not enough to just address your consumers’ pain points and challenges with your products and services. Think out-of-the-box in how you can communicate your brand values that would enrich your consumers’ lives significantly through effective storytelling on various platforms. It’s not enough to just churn content constantly. Get your storytelling strategy down to the tee, and watch your engagement go up.

Multi-format and multi-channel content delivery

Intimacy is key with the new wave of connected consumers. You want to be able to hold their attention with your content pieces, and content must be personalised to the bone. With the rise in audio and video content formats, you are presented with endless opportunities to engage authentically with your consumers and get personal with co-creation – from ASMR, podcasts, UGC, to 15-seconds videos on TikTok. Fuelling your content marketing with visuals that perform is key to hold attention.  

Integrating content and technology

Marry content and technology, and you will get a tech stack that will push your content marketing to a whole new level. Optimise your content for higher Google rankings with analytics and AI-driven content marketing tools. Today, content that ranks well organically and outperforms competitors are simply not enough to drive sustainable business growth. 

Monetising content for sales enablement and growth

Content is not just a communication medium. Beyond just getting readers to click the CTA buttons, further diversify your revenue by including more interactive points of engagement via games, in-app purchases and more. Maximise your revenue, and leverage data collected to gain consumer insights for effective messaging that converts.

Growing and scaling content for brand amplification

Reach for the stars and scale your content output. With higher marketing KPIs and larger business goals to reach, how can you kill two birds with one stone using effective content? Explore the latest content optimisation tools to accelerate healthy growth for your overall business.

Sounds amazing, right?

These are just snippets of the full-scale hybrid conference we have prepared for you, so keep your eyes glued to this page for more updates that are coming your way!

That’s not all! If you fall under one of the following categories, Content 360 is definitely for you.

  • Client Success Managers
  • PPC, SEM and content strategists
  • Agency Account Managers
  • UX / Web Designers
  • Content Creators
VP/Directors/Managers/Head of:
  • Creative Services
  • Public Relations
  • Web Designers
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Digital Marketing
Who should attend Content 360?
  • Content marketing strategists who are looking to make more engaging content to organically reach their target audience.
  • Branding executives who are looking to get their brand storytelling right by delivering messages at the right time, on the right platform.
  • CMOs, CTOs, CDOs, digital and marketing executives who are looking at strengthening, scaling and monetising consumer engagement across all platforms.
  • Marketing insights and strategy leaders who want to gain critical insights to navigate the everchanging regional/local market sentiments and behaviours.
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to capitalise digital channels and platforms with limited resources.

Past attendees


Check out our past speakers for Content 360

Kane Lim

Kane Lim

Co-creator & star of Netflix's 'Bling Empire'


Fernie Jasmine

Fernie Jasmine

Head of Brand & Communications

Axiata, Malaysia

Adrien Lahoussaye

Adrien Lahoussaye

Head of Content & Innovation

Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts, Singapore

Raushida Vasaiwala

Raushida Vasaiwala

General Manager

Celtra, APAC

Prabhjeet Singh

Prabhjeet Singh

Director, Marketing

Cisco, APJC & India

Mohit Gupta

Mohit Gupta

Head of Marketing & Social

Deutsche Bank, APAC

Neelesh Suryavanshee

Neelesh Suryavanshee

Regional Chief Marketing Officer

Fonterra, SEA

Roy Teo

Roy Teo

Assistant Director, Integrated Communications and Marketing

GovTech, Singapore

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