29 August 2024


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Opening remarks

Rezwana Manjur

Rezwana Manjur




[Opening keynote]
In the eye of the PR storm
  • The year of elections: Shaping the way communication is used and viewed in the current landscape.
  • Global and political crises’ significant impact on public relations, media coverage, reputation management, and crisis communication strategies.
  • Opportunities and challenges in the digital age: Adapting to the fast-paced nature of social media, and actively shaping public perception.
[Panel discussion]
Rehabbing your brand: Managing boycotts, backfires, and brand reputation in an online world
  • Harnessing the power of public opinion: Mastering the art of addressing boycotts and overcoming negative social sentiments.
  • Weathering the storm: Responding to blowback in today’s heated online environment.
  • Safeguarding your brand: Creating a resilient risk-management strategy in the ‘cancel culture’ era.


[Case study]
Surviving the turbulence: Restoring trust, reputation, and brand confidence after a market downturn
  • Managing external and internal messaging during times of restructuring and mass redundancies.
  • Exploring PR’s role in business reporting and how it impacts brand value inside and outside the boardroom.
  • Reinstalling confidence during a crisis, and working with media, financial analysts, and consumers to stop business devaluation.


Morning break


[Case study]
Data-centric social listening: Intertwining PR, data, and technology for success
  • Using data to drive decisions around PR campaigns, brand messaging, and more.
  • Benchmarking your performance against your competitors through social sentiments.
  • Why reoccurring trends and themes could save your brand in a crisis, and what to look for to be prepared.


[Case study]
Social media domination: Breaking through the algorithm for organic virality
  • Creating authentic and compelling messaging that cuts through news, headlines, and all the noise.
  • Insights into leveraging social media algorithms for maximised reach and audience engagement.
  • Post-social success: Retaining control of your brand narrative when you have gone viral.


[Panel discussion]
Fighters of fake: Minimising the damage of false information on your brand
  • Managing the rise of deception in today’s online world: Deepfakes, misinformation, and more.
  • Going beyond compliance: Prioritising ethical business practices, corporate responsibility, authentic values, and fostering trust with consumers.
  • Building a resilient defence against brand damage by prioritising authenticity in communication and actions.


[Fireside chat]
Straight from the head: Getting the C-Suite in your corner
  • Crafting a business-use case that your CEO cannot refuse.
  • Removing the prejudice of being a ‘cost-centre’ – how PR can drive revenue.
  • Before things go wrong: Demonstrating PR’s proactive impact on the business.


Networking lunch


[Fireside chat]
Keep your friends close and your journalists closer: Getting ahead in today’s media landscape
  • What today’s media professionals need to see to get brands on the front page.
  • Gaining traction in today’s polarising media landscape without necessarily being polarising.
  • Media due diligence and fact-checking PR stories.


[Panel discussion]
Rising above the chaos: Brand management amid external scrutiny, and taking control of your narrative
  • Misguided tweets, sustainability mishaps, and more: Evaluating their impact on brand reputation and financial performance.
  • Carefully crafted brand guidelines: Pre-emptively managing influencers, suppliers, and how much control do you need to retain.
  • Calling it quits: Severing ties with external parties when necessary, and effectively communicating with customers to rebuild trust and safeguard the brand’s image.


[Case study]
Move over AVE, AI is here: Measuring modern PR success
  • Utilising AI to measure sentiment, brand perception, and audience engagement more effectively.
  • Explore effective ways to communicate AI-generated metrics to stakeholders.
  • Storytelling with data to highlight the impact of PR efforts, and to effectively convey ROI.


Networking break


[Case study]
Cray Cray for Tay-Tay: Combining a pop princess, a political statement, and PR genius
  • How Taylor Swift and great PR created a Singapore-wide boom.
  • Shaking off the haters: A how-to guide.
  • Managing the political fallout, and not letting it overshadow the successes.


[Case study]
Diverse, different, but not difficult: How Asia’s regional hubs create opportunities for brands
  • Delving into the complex and multifaceted geopolitical temperature: How historic rivalries and modern political tensions are affecting the Asia region.
  • Effectively managing the non-homogenous market of Asia: Tailoring messaging in both tone and language with a united brand identity.
  • Understanding cultural diversity and awareness: The importance of tone, humour, style, and how far you can push the boundaries.


Open grill


Open grill


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