19 September 2019, Thursday



Registration and refreshments



Opening Remarks



Opening Keynote: Building Long-Term, Sustainable Loyalty

 • What is customer experience and what does it take to create strong, lasting relationships
• Examples of how Asia Miles is boosting engagement 

Lance Kwong, Chief Commercial Officer, Asia Miles



Leveraging AI to reshape the customer experience

• How AI can help brands designing customer journey
• Application on AI for delivering positive “chats” to enhance CX
• How localizing “chat” can adopt customer relationship management to increase loyalty

Dr Sai Cheong Siu, Director Deep Learning Centre, Hang Seng University of Hong Kong



Networking Break



Keynote Panel: Is CX the new “brand”

How are you listening to your customers and how is that guiding your brand development?
How are you blending the virtual with your real reality to deliver customer experience
• What is next for customer experience in Asia – CMO perspective

Magdalena Kotek, Chief Marketing Officer, Asia Pacific, Invesco
Edith Wong, Chief Marketing Officer, Invest Hong Kong
Peter Yu, Chief Strategy Officer & Chief Marketing Officer, Multek

Rick Boost, Editor, Marketing magazine 



Case Study: Shiseido Crafting a Better Customer Experience Through Data-Driven Strategy

Unboxing the data strategy- from collection, storage to targeting
From Timely insights to Data-informed content
• An organization initiative: from organization structure to process to measurement

Cornelia Kwok, Director, Digital Shared Services, Shiseido Hong Kong



Ideas with Behavioural Data within Progressive Profiling for Creating the Customer Experience

• The ideas for Behavioral Data
• RFM Analysis and discover the Customer Level Data
• Data collection through Progressive Profiling

Sam Wong, CX Advisor, SAP Customer Experience



Networking Lunch



What is “Customer Culture” and how can it be managed?

Customer experience depends as much on organizational culture as it does on metrics and reporting. However, few companies have come to grips with how to measure and manage a “customer culture.”

• Why customer culture initiatives rarely work in reality
• How managing your customer culture can drive a better customer experience…when done right
• Practical tips from a real-life “work in progress” at a large multinational

David Kohler, Regional Head, Experience Design & Culture, Generali Asia



Panel Discussion: Human elements in retail customer experience

• Striking for right CX balance among people, technology and service
• More than offers and rewards: individualised customer engagement with customer emotions
• Engaging shoppers from different generations (baby boomers, generation X, Y and Z)

Jeffrey Hau, Director, PRIZM
Daisy Lau, Director of Customer Experience, Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong
Cristiane Ross, Group Head of Customer Experience, Pure Group International

Darren Chuckry, Chair, The Marketing Society



Networking Break



Building brand equity by offering great brand experience with every interaction

Natalie Chan, Director, APAC, Consumer Products, Hasbro



Keynote: Beyond Customer Experience Along with 5 Senses and What It Entails

• What is the ultimate CX and how each entity can have their own?
• How to utilize the 5 senses for deepening the CX?
• What data are needed to improve CX and how does it impact?

Akina Ho, Head of Digital Transformation and Innovation, The Great Eagle Company



Closing Remarks