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Omnichannel Marketing Asia is a conference that touches on the omnichannel experience, customer journey and lifecycle in a marketing era where it’s no longer feasible to exclusively focus on traditional, digital, or even multichannel media.  Every channel, every medium needs to work in tandem with one another and it’s easier said than done as most marketers can attest.   

Why take part in Omnichannel Marketing Asia? We try to take out the guesswork, the hours of solutions scouting to pull together the know-how to get your marketing makeover so you’re running a top-notch marketing operation.   

What’s more, we’re finally running this as a PHYSICAL event, so you can get back to the networking and live experience you love. 


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November 23, 2021

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We invite only masterminds who really have done the legwork, who knows what they’re doing and are so good in their craft they can teach experts a thing or two about omnichannel marketing 


The whole programme is curated to bring out useful and practical information and that you can implement straight away.  We will ban all fluff or sales pitches in all our sessions.


Forget about events where wonder where your time went or what you’ve learnt, you’ll have tools and solutions to begin action by the end of the conference with the eBook that we compile, so you don’t need to 


Strengthen your network with over 120+ like-minded marketing practitioners and share the secrets of success in an intimate live setting (YES, this is a physical event we know you crave and miss!)

Our Speakers

calling for speakers

We bring together top marketers, advertisers, CX professionals and creative minds from around the world together to discuss, share, teach and impart ways to better your marketing in a world where it’s not enough to just be good, if you would like to speak at the event, please reach out to us! 
We will announce confirmed speakers soon!

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A full day of action-packed content

Conference Agenda

9:00am - 4:30pm 23 November, 2021

Opening address

9:00 am to 9:05 am

Omnichannel is the rule not the exception

Consumers, whether B2B or B2C are actively informing themselves both online and offline and use multiple channels over the course of their decision-making journey.  The choice of channel boils down to efficiency, timing, and practicality and the key is seamless interaction and engagement throughout. 

Multichannel mistakes that hamper your omnichannel efforts

The pandemic has cemented digitalisation but where organisations see their investment not realising are mistakes stemming from a multichannel mindset rather than an omnichannel one with a focus on tech and channels rather than the drivers of customer value and experience.  

Guide to the omnichannel galaxy

From superior cross-channel transactional experiences online to tailored, targeted and relevant engagement on scale and finally an ecosystem integrated with customers’ needs and lifestyles; there is no formula but there’s definitely a pathway 

Networking Break

10:55 am to 11:10 AM

Beautiful minds - wonders of customers insights and data

A close-look at tools, platforms and strategies that collect, assess and process insights and data to read how your customers makes decisions throughout your marketing plan.  

Customer dearest - acing your personalisation and relevance game

Mixed into your omnichannel strategy must be one system that works your content and engagement pieces into something that your customers pay attention to, want more of, and ultimately trust you enough to convert.  In short, how do you turn your data and insights to something that speaks in human language to your customers. 

The marketer's plight - do we really need another platform/channel?

A piling technology stack will eventually exhaust economy of scale no matter how well-intentioned adopting new platforms for job-streamlining could be, choosing the right solutions to automate marketing requires much forethought in integrability. 


12:50 pm to 2:00 pm

Can you hear me in the back?

We’ve considered integrability and tackling internally issues that may arise with managing multiple channels and platforms and syncing them in your omnichannel ecosystem, now we tackle the external factors; how do you balance automation with unique experiences for each and every customer. 

Like a wonderful first date, every time!

After pulling in customers with your data and platforms in place, getting them to buy, to return in the future, and to advocate is next.  Deep dive into ways to fine-tune your omnichannel strategy by looking CRM and CX, especially your aftersales plan. 

Networking Break

3:05 pm to 3:20 pm

If they like it they will put a ring on it

Developing and nurturing a relationship with your customers, ensuring the seamless experience they expect with every encounter and satisfying them to the extent they incorporate your brand or organisation into their lifestyle would be the cherry on top. 

An extraordinary omnichannel journey

Now is the time to put everything together and look at the most important omnichannel decisions to get right so as to position your company heads and shoulders above your competition.

End of Omnichannel Marketing Asia

4:30 pm

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