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Conference Agenda

9:00am – 4:30pm
19 October, 2022

9:00 am to 9:05 am

Opening address

9:05AM TO 9:45AM

An omnichannel marketer’s guide to design-thinking – innovative solutions for complex problems

Marketers are often tasked to look at the next best thing, the latest trends and to foresee what consumers want, the issue is that this way of ideation translates to reliance on instincts and past experiences which could be limiting. Design thinking requires thorough understanding of problems and needs before looking at solutions, this helps eradicate misalignment between consumers and businesses when products or services are not selling as well as they should.

9:50AM TO 10:20AM

At their best – nurturing loyalty in your omnichannel strategy

Consumers expect brands to empathise with their purpose and needs and not merely selling them an offering, this is increasingly the case amongst highly competitive products and services in which this could be the differentiating factor in whether your business becomes the choice pick for your customers. In fact, consumers would even prefer to pay a premium for a brand that works in their favour when it comes down to wellbeing and purpose.

10:25AM TO 10:55AM

Ethical marketing and advertising – how the omnichannel landscape is changing brand safety and consumer behaviors

It’s no longer feasible for businesses to neglect compliance issues, especially along the lines of privacy and consent in today’s day and age, marketers are leveraging zero-party data to ensure they are given the consent and permission to perform remarketing and retargeting without compromising data concerns, but ethical marketing goes beyond just respect for privacy.

10:55 am to 11:10 am

Networking Break

11:10 AM TO 11:40 AM

The programmatic prodigy – a future-proof digital advertising strategy

Deep dive into programmatic shifts and the meteoric rise of DOOH. Ad technology has changed significantly with newer, more-efficient ways of campaign management, measurement, and better integration across the advertising ecosystem, now pushing forth post-cookie solutions. It’s time marketers understand the implications of contextual advertising and targeting to better serve their campaigns where it counts.

11:45 AM TO 12:15 PM

Stream-shopping – developing intelligent retail and influence with live video

12:20 PM TO 12:50 PM

Overcoming the chain – why supply chain matters to marketers

Supply chain has typically been relegated to operations and logistics function, but with e-commerce now at the forefront of consumer experiences and journeys, aligning marketing goals with stock capacity, real-time inventory stock-check, creating real-time urgency, are things that marketers cannot neglect. Being well attuned to your business’ delivery capabilities is what sets apart great marketers from the rest.

12:50 pm to 2:00 pm


2:00 PM to 2:30 PM

Redefining search – SEO marketing beyond the keyboard and cookies

Keywords continue to keep marketers (especially content marketers) up at night as they continue to look at possible search terms and phrases that will land their business proper clients and customers in the digital world. With newer technologies and more AI-enabled assistants, search is not limited to just one engine or platform, newer forms of search are taking shape such as visual search and voice search which are areas ripe with opportunity.

2:35 PM to 3:05 PM

The conversationalist marketer – chat and voice-driven marketing

Chatbots are now commonplace, but consumers are not always drawn to conversations with a bot, most continue to prefer human interaction and that comes at greater costs to businesses, how do pro-marketers strike a balance and what does it take to humanise interactions and create one-on-one, personalised dialogue with your most important clients and customers?

3:05 pm to 3:20 pm

Networking Break

3:25 PM TO 3:55 PM

A whole new world – making sense of NFTs, cryptos and metaverse for marketers

The past year has been an influx of metaverse-related interest and adoption, creating a massive prospect for brands to hone in and latch onto the virtual arena and propel their offering into a new digital frontier, while physical real-world presence in the upcoming post-pandemic era is regaining, consumer behaviour has definitely shifted to the virtual space where creativity and opportunities are truly limitless

15:55 AM to 4:30 PM

The marketer’s almanac 2023 – trendsetting for the year ahead

A succinct look at what’s to come and to stay well ahead of the curve, we look at what’ve been the major driving forces and shifts that have changed marketing and the marketing profession, how do marketers stay on top of their game in the year(s) to come.

4:30 pm

End of Omnichannel Marketing Asia