Day 2, 11 May 2023, Tuesday

8:00 AM

Registration and networking breakfast

9:00 AM

Welcome and opening remarks

Content in a dehumanise area

9:10 AM

A day late and a dollar short... Double down your efforts, outshine the competition and be the only voice left in the room

When a recession is coming, marketing is always first to see its budget cuts. Tactical ads are taking the front seat, leading to more promotional content and less storytelling. But that is for the lucky ones who have already forged a name in the space. For new players, they will have to continue to do branding to even be considered by consumers. Yes, short term saving is important, but the long-term profitability should be the end goal for any business which is continuing to put its brand out there. Customers may be slowdown their spending but they are still consuming every day on brands that are still advertising to them.

In this session, hear from leading brands about how they continue to advertise during an economic downturn, build genuine messaging for their customers, and set their brands up to be competitive during the economic recovery.

What you’ll learn:

  • Tricks and tips to maintain your branding in a recession.
  • How to maxime your advertising spending in an economic downturn?
  • Explore the cost to regain market shares of deep cut into advertising and communications budgets in a down period.
  • Learn from brands’ success stories on how continuing advertising during an economic downturn has given them a competitive advantage.
9:40 AM
Discovering the next digital darling: Unlock creation to cultivate an obsession
Social media channels are flourishing. Yesterday, Facebook was king. Today it is BeReal. What about tomorrow? Each platform has its own particularity and own codes. For marketers to be able to capitalise on each platform, they must have a deep understanding of the subtleties and nuances in order to distribute their content most effectively.   

In this session, we explore how deeply marketers can get the most out of each digital platform and how they can find ways to fit into different consumers’ profiles to create a targeted social content strategy. 

What you’ll learn:  

  • The importance of understanding the feature of each platform to curate the perfect content. 
  • Explore the perfect content strategies taking into account each platform’s specificities and demographics.

  • How to be able to spot the new rising social platform for your audience?
10:10 AM
Fragmentation is on the rise: find your strength in unity
Media fragmentation isn’t new in the space of advertising. What could be called new is platform fragmentation. With so many different screens from digital platforms and TV, it is a constant challenge for brands to deliver the same quality of content, whilst understanding their performance on each.

In this session, a specialist shares how to overcome the fragmentation of platforms for brands to unify measurements and have clear visibility on the success of their content reach.

What you’ll learn:

  • How marketers can obtain a comprehensive measurement of brands’ content efforts across all platforms?
  • How can marketers stay on top of changing trends and mediums to ensure effective audience engagement?
  • What is the future of measurement in a scattered media landscape for brands and how can they take advantage of it?
10:40 AM

Networking break

11:10 AM
Make content marketing and automation friends again: how making them work for hands in hands set your engagement marketing strategies on fire
Content marketing strategy is a big wheel machine that needs to run smoothly to focus on long-term business plans. Distributing the right information to the right customer on the right channel at the right time manually can keep you up all night.

In this session, hear best practices on how marketing automation can amplify your voice to speak to the right audience with the right content at the right time to create a cohesive, efficient, and effective engagement marketing arm.

What you’ll learn:

  • How can marketing automation amplify your voice whilst reducing your efforts and saving you time?
  • How can it deliver the right content at the right time of the funnel to make your brand the talk of the town?
  • Ultimately, how content automation can take your content marketing to the next level by creating a powerhouse of engagement marketing with creating cohesive, efficient, and effective strategies.
11:40 AM
Protect your content at all costs: when safe is not enough, it’s time to be suitable
Your content association needs to match the quality of the product itself. Stakes are high when we talk about keeping a brand safe. A brand’s image takes years to build. It only takes a second to be destroyed if your ad is next to the wrong content. Where screen grab is the new normal, it’s even faster for irreparable brand damage to be done.

In this session, panellists discuss how they prevent their content from being wrongly associated, how they leverage technology to ensure that the content that is so carefully curated appears where they want it to, to who they want, at the right time, and most importantly is associated with what they want.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to create and optimise a brand safety policy that is consistent with your brand’s values to create engagements?
  • How to leverage technologies to mitigate the risk of your brands being wrongfully associated, safeguard your brand’s reputation, and help you stay competitive?
  • Eventually, is it possible to completely eliminate the issue of “brand safety”?
12:10 PM
Use a data driven content approach: predict where your customers will be to drive fan base growth
Data-driven content marketing has been thrust to the forefront of the stage. Relying only on intuition and feelings will lead you to a dead end, burning your resources to the ground in the process. Data is the fuel that powers your marketing engine, whether you run a small business or a large corporation.

In this session, discover how to use data-driven content trends and actionable items for brands from analysing the data, predict consumers’ behaviours to generate more leads and conversions.

You’ll learn:

  • The importance of the role data plays in the process of executing interactive campaigns that capture audience attention.
  • How to leverage quality insights from numerous data to create a scalable way for content production?
  • How to create an immersive content experience by leveraging direct-to-consumer data?
12:40 PM
Content to Commerce is the new smart commerce: creating a unified rich customer experience by moving to a platform-based model
In a content-led e-commerce era, where customers are used to technology and with high expectations, brands can struggle to give customers relevant information for the act of purchase. Brands are exploring how to make content and commerce combined into a single platform to avoid siloed information, and to view and analyse their performances more effectively.

In this session, we look at how a brand smartly built content around products and services to create a customer-rich experience with the brand.

1:10 PM

Networking feast

2:10 PM
Dear customers, we are not using influencer marketing, and we are doing perfectly fine!
The rise of influencer marketers has led marketers to believe that they are necessary to their businesses. The reality is brands often use a fast and furious approach, not even communicating on the phone with their influencer. The result is an overused, underprepared, non-genuine sales speech done quickly by influencers who are not really aligned with the value of the brand, doing more harm than good.

Brands/agencies are showcasing their products/services in an environment inundated with celebrities and influencers but they can remain at the top of their game and dominate the competition by harnessing the power of human connection in digital spaces and be adored by the new generation without the need of celebrity endorsements.

2:40 PM
Am I being cancelled? Trials and tribulations of a rising phoenix
In the past, brands avoided creating any form of socially engaged content that could offend or alienate a specific audience. But neutrality won’t work today. Creating “woke” content has become mainstream as consumers expect their brands to take a stand to represent them and their cause. Yet brands are not immune to dubious campaigns that incur the ire of consumers and have disastrous consequences on brand image.

What you’ll learn:

  • How a brand can stay woke and relevant to its audience demographics and geographies?
  • How brands can create campaigns that are authentic, sensitive, and more important at the right time without appearing opportunistic?
  • As consumers become more and more engaged, what is the role of brands in creating campaigns as a vehicle for social change?
3:10 PM
The new elderly is the newt gold: capitalising on the overlooked generation, the silver generation
Gen Z and Millennials are often capturing marketers’ efforts. But most countries are facing an aging population with a high disposable income which they are eager to spend. The market value of the Asia-Pacific region’s aging population is estimated to hit US$4.56 trillion by the year 2025. Approximately one-third of the silver generation is expected to contribute 52% of the total consumer expenditure in the Asia-Pacific region by 2030. Those consumers are having high expectations due to a lifetime of experience, and are willing to spend more for a premium product, but only invest if they see a genuine value in it.

In this session, we look at a successful brand that has created a powerful campaign to impress, seduce and attract the silver generation.

What you’ll learn:

  • Understanding the trends and drivers of the overlooked generation, what are their expectations and what brands can do to appeal to them.
  • Learning how to shift your content approach to appeal to this unique demographic.
  • Exploring the best campaigns that impress seduce and attract the silver generation.
3:40 PM
Invade the metaverse
As our dear Mark Zuckerberg stated, “at the end of the day, it is really the creators and developers who are going to build the metaverse and make this real”. The metaverse is setting a stage where immersive and interactive content will rule the kingdom.

This session deep dive into the next era of creation. Leading brands discuss how they create and exploit the rareness and exclusivity of their content and experience to leverage FOMO and forge a stronger relationship with their consumers.

What you’ll learn:

  • How is metaverse going to change the overall approach to content marketing?
  • What brands should take note of if they want to succeed in this environment?
  • What are the opportunities in the metaverse for brands to create truly innovative and engaging content to capture the attention of metaverse users like never before?
  • What is the type of content that will rule the charts in the metaverse?
  • How creators can create “interaction” with their content?
4:10 PM

Closing remarks

4:20 PM

End of conference and party drinks