Day 2, 25 April 2024

8:30 AM


9:00 AM

Welcome remarks

9:10 AM

[Case study]
Not your typical content: Incorporating different angles to push boundaries in content creation
  • Go beyond the tear-jerker to integrate elements such as humour and fear into your content execution to capture greater audience attention and engagement.
  • Gain insights into what makes content worthwhile and how to experiment different ways of creating new and relatable content.
  • Distinguish when humour, parody or fear cross the line into a negative sentiment and how to avoid that.
9:40 AM
[Case study]
Hitting the bullseye with CTV: A deep dive into the future of content streaming
  • Discuss the benefits CTV platform can offer to showcase brands in a different way.   
  • Incorporating data analytics and algorithm from addressable TV to segment audiences for CTV advertising.  
  • Best practices in reaching highly engaged viewers with more impact and engagement. 
10:10 AM

[Panel discussion]

Creating shopper magic: Synergise in-store and digital engagement
  • Create and streamline shopper experience from in-store and digital, and vice versa. 
  • Align objectives and metrics of shopper experience to evolve interactive marketing. 
  • Amplify brand memorability with tactful strategies to elevate shopper experience both in-store and in the digital realm.  

10:45 AM

Morning break

11:00 AM

[Fireside chat]

Listen up! What content marketers can learn from podcasters
  • Deep dive into key trends shaping long-form content production and how to leverage this into brand marketing strategies.
  • Actionable takeaways to thrive in a sea of mass-produced long-form content with unique and meaningful conversations.
  • Unlock the key secrets to creating engaging podcasts to grow a loyal consumer base.

11:30 AM

[Panel discussion]

Unleashing the power of collaboration: Uniting brands for marketing excellence
  • Uncover new audiences by tapping into pop culture to create new growth.  
  • Grow brand exposure by leveraging on existing consumer fan base.  
  • Increase integration of marketing efforts across departments and sub-brands.  

12:00 PM

[Case study]
Content to cash: Crafting strategies that resonate and drive revenue growth
  • Designing a robust content blueprint that guides audiences from engagement to transaction.
  • Going beyond metrics by prioritising content ROI and aligning KPIs with the same scrutiny given to ad spend.
  • Elevating content by embedding direct shopping experiences within the story.

12:30 PM

Networking lunch

1:30 PM

Day one quiz recap! 

1:45 PM

[Panel discussion]

Mastering the pulse: Riding the latest waves in content marketing
  • How to leverage livestreaming as a content marketing strategy to drive sales. 
  • Keeping up with changing trends and how to leverage it towards relevancy in the market. 
  • Understand the livestreaming pitfalls and considerations of consumer behaviour and preferences. 

2:15 PM

[Case study]
Creating evergreen content for an evergreen Earth: Cultivate ethical practices for real and genuine impact
  • Create an ecosystem of ethical practices with genuineness, transparency and authenticity.  
  • Shifting away from the marketing gimmick and producing real, measurable impact from content marketing. 
  • Implement packaging as a strategy to story tell sustainability practices effectively.   

2:45 PM

[Case study]
Does size really matter? Micro and nano influencers as rising stars in the new era of influencers
  • Understand how micro and nano influencers are fostering greater engagement through genuine connections.
  • Tap into hyper-targeted communities by leveraging on micro and nano influencers audience.
  • Assess the full impact micro and nano influencers can bring to the table cost-wise with high ROI.

3:15 PM

[Fireside chat]
Deinfluencing shaping the new trend
  • Assess value in navigating the pitfalls of influencer marketing with the decrease in trust and authenticity of influencers. 
  • Rediscover the differentiation and effectiveness that big influencers can bring in today’s new era.  
  • Key tactics to weed out genuine and legitimate influencers to reinforce brand growth. 

3:45 PM


4:10 PM

Closing remarks

4:15 PM

End of conference