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Here’s Content 360 agenda at a glance

Day 1

26 April 2022

It’s not about going back to the drawing block, but finetuning your content strategy. On Day 1, we deep dive into the new age creator economy, driving purpose-led storytelling, overcoming influencer fatigue, and monetising content in the digital space.

The evolution of the creator economy

  • When words aren’t enough anymore: The rising role of content for brands today
  • Breaking the fourth wall of the creator world: Pushing content boundaries on social channels

The power of creative content

  • Creative excellence at scale: Generate content in minutes with centralised content repository  
  • The future of marketing: Unfolding content opportunities with metaverse and NFTs
  • Optimising AI-generated content: Driving content output with leading martech of 2022

Value-based storytelling strategy

  • Inclusive content marketing roadmap: Driving positive impact with diverse creative talent 
  • Doing more without overpromising: Reframing ad messaging related to sustainability

Content in the world of commerce

  • Cashing in purposeful content: The intersection of content marketing and sales enablement
  • The growing creator economy: Capitalising on livestreaming meteoric rise
  • Connecting commerce and content: Integrating brand building and performance marketing

Influencer marketing

  • Influencer fatigue: The end of influencer marketing, and the start of genuinfluencers

Day 2

27 April 2022

We are not holding back when it comes to creating content that sticks. Be at the top of your consumers’ minds with snackable content, co-created content, visual and audio content, as well as navigating content creation in a future where third-party data is phasing out.

Consumable content on social

  • It’s not you, but me: Breaking up with social media – bold or naïve?
  • Goldfish are better than us: Embracing micro content to reach larger audiences
  • PR 2.0 with social media: Direct communication by optimising social listening data
  • Repurposing your content to the fullest: Maximising your content impact in different formats

Community content

  • Co-creation with your inner circle: Activating your employees to drive niche video content
  • User-inspired content FTW: Co-building your brand’s content strategy with your community  

Video content

  • Video is king: Building a video content hub to amplify your brand anytime, anywhere
  • Uncovering the nuances of Asia’s budding TV market: Is TV advertising really dead?

Audio content

  • Podcast on the go: Reenergising emotional engagement and brand trust with consumers

Data-driven content

  • Meaningful data acquisition plan: The power of bespoke content, by and for your customers
  • The cookieless future is almost here: Merging content creativity with technology and talent